Lilac and Lime

Contrasts in colour, contrasts in life – Mary Bruce

2010 and beyond

What an interesting year this is proving to be. It started in style with a blue moon on New Year’s Eve – way to go!

It also marked the first year-end holiday in about five years that Kimberley spent with me. Her father and family live in Gauteng and she generally visits them each July and December holiday. However she started a Saturday-morning job some months ago and was asked if she would like to put in extra time over the pre-Christmas shopping period. What teenager would have said ‘no’ when confronted with the prospect of previously unseen quantities of cash? Mine didn’t and I probably wouldn’t have either.

We landed up having a ball. The extra hours at work were long and hard but Kimberley didn’t complain once and, in a move that surprised and touched me, actually turned down a request to work on one day (unknown to me at the time) as we had made plans. They weren’t extravagant or particularly exciting but the fact that she chose to turn down a few hundred rand in order to spend the day with me means a lot.

We had a lot of fun choosing dress designs and material for the forthcoming Matric Dances. I’m looking forward to getting back into one of my most favourite hobbies which time just hasn’t permitted in recent years. The fact that she specifically asked me during the course of last year if I would make the dresses also surprised me. I made most of my own clothes for much of my pre-Kimberley working life and made almost all of hers too up until I returned to the job market with a vengeance in 1997. But the fact that she has the confidence in my sewing-ability also scored her infinite pixie points.

I would hope that I am not easily bored but have always found it immensely satisfying to adapt patterns, do my own thing and generally push my boundaries. Probably the most ambitious project was making my own jeans – admittedly while attending a course at the local Technikon. They turned out really well and I’d still be wearing them except for the fact that they now seem remarkably smaller than at the time of construction. My own Matric dance didn’t happen for unforeseen reasons and the prospect of these two dresses holds plenty of challenges and excitement.

The end of the year also saw my resignation from the local Computer Club. It was a decision I’d been deferring and time will tell whether I made the right decision or not.

Kimberley is now totally attached to Kirby whose feet just seem to carry on getting bigger and bigger. His conviction that Daisy loves him to bits and the whole ‘Staffies eat cats’ thing is a con has finally paid off. I’m not sure if she’s worn down by his refusal to be intimidated or make way for her occasional hissy fits, but they are often to be found together in the garden. There is no doubt that he is the party that followed her but she no longer takes umbrage at having to sit in his company and she has probably also found advantages in having a feline brother. More on this when I’ve worked out her strategy.

On the personal front, I’m happier than I’ve been for a long time. Relationships that matter to me seem to be settling into a more stable and sustainable pattern. Time too will tell but the vibes in my receptors say that 2010 is going to be a good year.

Read that as “a good year in a sequence of many to come” . . .


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