Lilac and Lime

Contrasts in colour, contrasts in life – Mary Bruce

I Want to Break Free

Generally I like to start the week ahead of schedule but this week business necessitated a short trip out of town early on Monday morning. The drive to Wartburg couldn’t have taken much more than twenty minutes, even at the leisurely pace the friend with whom I’d accepted a lift was driving.

Although depressing fences and telephone poles interupted my view and subsequent photos, I know the alternative was having livestock and wildlife straying into the road, and the green landscape on the other side more than made up for the posts. A bigger problem was the number of bumps in the road and, on the Pietermaritzburg side, the number of potholes.

Choosing to imagine those are binoculars atop the poles surveying the countryside cheers me

A bit taken aback to find
two ghostly kneecaps had also been captured.
At least mine are in floral camouflauge

The fence in the foreground
is more picturesque than most along the route

Pollution cloud hovering over Pietermaritzburg which we’re usually quite oblivious to

Not big on sugarcane fields since travelling
through the Free State regularly in the Eighties
and I would swear there are more than 100 stalks in this frame, but who am I to argue

As none of the buck, cranes, goats or other wildlife we saw chose to be photographed,
I contented myself with these placid trees

The micro-break was a great way to start the week and put the resulting backlog in perspective. If the urge to run away gets too much later in the week, this is one of the directions I might take.


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