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A new year begins and two lives end

New years have always felt like the first page of a book, whether one is reading or writing it. Although I enjoy keeping it low-key, there has usually been an air of anticipation for what lies ahead.

I didn’t feel that as 2014 drew to a close. There were still deadlines to be met and processes to complete but the anticipation was missing. Two weeks away from the office allowed me to see to home maintenance that was due and the change of routine was welcome.

New Year’s Day came in quietly but on 4 January the worst crime yet committed against us took place. My next post will almost inevitably be about the events of the three days up to 6 January but I am battling to get the pieces to fit together in a sensible way. The whole thing is incomprehensible and has left us in a morass of jagged emotions and thoughts. Suffice it to say that in a 48-hour period, two dogs were poisoned to death and all, it seems, to steal my sixteen-year-old car. That cannot make sense.